• Sustainably Produced Wildflower Honey

    Sustainably Produced
    Wildflower Honey

    All of our sustainably produced honey is made by honeybees we have rescued from residential and commercial properties. What could be sweeter?

  • Spehar Beekeeping Frames

    Beekeeping Frames

    We have developed an improved beekeeping frame which is repairable, recyclable, uses 23% less wood than conventional frames, and requires no tools for assembly!

  • Guerilla Beekeepers Apparel

    Guerilla Beekeepers

    Show your support for honeybees and sustainable beekeeping with one of our 100% cotton, heavy weight t shirts!

  • Guerilla Beekeepers Steel Hive Stand

    Guerilla Beekeepers
    Steel Hive Stand

    Our hand-crafted, heavy gauge steel hive stands are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. They are rated to support 250 lbs and are fitted with an integrated, bee-friendly oil cup ant barrier.

  • 50% Propolis Tincture

    50% Propolis Tincture

    Propolis is a sticky substance made by honeybees from the resins they collect from plants and trees. It is used by the bees to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in the hive. Our 50% by-weight tincture comes in a dropper cap bottle for easy application. We also have raw propolis available as well

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  • Rapid Response Time

    Fast, knowledgeable, and safe solutions to your honeybee issues 

  • Just a Free Call Away

    Our number, 855.LUV.BEES (588.2337) says it all - We Love Bees!

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We use only non-pesticide, environmentally friendly methods of honeybee removal

More Than Just Honeybee Rescue

We have packed away our tools, cleaned up your job site, and readied the colony for the trek back to our Intensive Care Unit. Once there, your girls will be carefully tended and nursed back to full health.

And now our work really starts.

Safely performing live honeybee removal, while extremely important, is only one small part of the many things necessary actually save our global honeybee populations. There are a lot of companies jumping on the Save-The-Bees bandwagon but if they aren't intelligently husbanding the colonies they remove, and tending them in a sustainable manner, they may actually be making the problem worse.

We have a solution.